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Goddess KoCo Meow owns me!


Our first session and already Goddess KoCo owns me. Honestly, she is beautiful to behold from crown to soles. Indeed she is powerful and graceful. Kind and kinda mean simultaneously mind fucking effortlessly. She's something else altogether. I've been smiling nonstop since I met her.


-Slave Tootsie 


Blush Pink Satin.jpg


If you find yourself in the Atlanta area and kink is your thing, you ABSOLUTELY have to book a session with Goddess KoCo Meow! 


Not only is she spectacular to look at and wicked fun to be with, her sessions are extremely creative and thought-provoking. It was two hours of delicious subservience to a Goddess who knows how to make you whimper and beg for more. 


Fantasies will be explored but limits respected. Just don’t make her mad or your ass will pay the price!  


With much appreciation, I look forward to next time! I remain your humble slave. 



-Slave B


Where to begin is the question!!

My experience with Goddess KoCo was truly divine and

splendid. The moment I walked in she directed me to the bathroom where she had me strip and present myself to her naked. Then had me kneel as she collared me and begin to walk me at her pace. It was the little things like this that establishes her dominance as she envelopes me in her world. Then she dressed me in lace and satin with a wig that complimented my face quite lovely. She is a Goddess who is loving, firm and fair. Every swing of her paddle titillated my body as she controlled me through the palm of her hand.  She opened my senses and feelings in ways that I never anticipated. Not to mention her teaching helped mold me into an amazing sissy. Would recommend a thousand times over!


-Sissy Carrie

Blush Pink Satin.jpg

I recently scheduled a session with Goddess KoCo and I’m just going to get straight to the was literally the best session with any Domme I’ve ever had. It was my first time to the Atlanta Dungeon and unfortunately, I arrived fifteen minutes late. As soon as I entered Goddess KoCo reminded me that I was late and for me to go to the bathroom and get completely naked and come back to where she was standing. I did so and was then told to get on all fours where she proceeded to spank me and after each time I was told to say that I was sorry Goddess KoCo. After turning my rear end a nice shade of red I was then taken into a room where she proceeded to have me try on various dresses and lingerie and found a nice pink pair of panties to match. After getting dressed Goddess KoCo found the perfect wig for me to wear and this is also where she gave me my new sissy name of Gina. Goddess KoCo then worked on my new sissy voice while giving me a pair of pink high heels to wear. I was then given lessons and instructions on how to walk and dance like a sissy. I stood in front of a mirror and while moving my hips side to side I was told to touch and feel myself all over my body except I was not allowed to touch my clitty. While practicing my sissy walk I was told to repeat “I’m a sissy slut”. Goddess KoCo then told me to get down on my knees and worship her boots which I then did. This was followed by more sissy walking and mindful touching. After my sissy walking and dancing was complete I was then told to get on my knees when Goddess KoCo then turned around and told me to worship her ass. I then began to kiss and worship the softest most perfect ass you could imagine. While worshiping Goddess KoCo’s ass I was told to repeat “Goddess KoCo you own me” and while saying this I could feel my heart pounding because at that moment as I was saying that over and over I knew that it was true....sissy Gina is OWNED by Goddess KoCo. After finishing the ass worship Goddess KoCo looked me sternly in the eyes and told me every time I see a woman’s ass from here on out the only ass I better be thinking of is hers and I swore to her I would. Goddess KoCo then told me to go and clean up the different areas of the Dungeon and I did so accordingly. Afterwards I got dressed and we discussed the session as well as made plans for the next one. Goddess KoCo is a true professional and I can’t wait to continue my journey with her. If there is any doubt about scheduling a session with her don’t hesitate it will be more than worth it.


-Sissy Gina 

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