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Submissive Rules & Etiquette

First impressions are very important to Me. This means that I expect a new sub to be on their best behavior when inquiring about a session from Me. This will be written from Domina's perspective, My perspective. Do not use this as a blanket rule book for other professional Domme’s. Where there are similarities between other professionals, it's always smart to read each Domme’s FAQs or writings first.

Initial Email/Message

  • Read through this sheet thoroughly. All of the important and necessary information will be here. I don't like to repeat myself.

  • I only have sessions with submissives 18+. I will view your photo ID to confirm during our video vetting.

  • If you have a specific fetish that is not listed on My application or fetish list – as long as it is not explicit sexual activities (anything that ends in 'job') – don’t be shy or feel embarrassed to ask respectfully. I have probably heard it before and maybe I will find it interesting as well. In general, if a fetish is not listed do not make assumptions about the fetishes/kinks I offer. Do not assume that I will like an activity unless I explicitly inform you in writing or verbally that I am interested in it.

  • If you are lucky enough to have my phone number/Skype/Telegram and think about calling me... don’t. If you have been given explicit instructions to call me, make sure that your number is visible, as calls from block numbers will usually not be answered.

  • Spell and pronounce my name correctly. Goddess or Goddess KoCo; capital G, capital K & C.

  • Have at least two possible dates/times when you can have a video consultation and two dates/times when you can have your session listed in your email. Same-day sessions are restricted to collard subs only right now (subject to change). My notice period for My normal rate is a week (5 days) in advance. Any last-minute sessions are subject to a higher tribute.

  • References from a former Domme or provider within the last year have a higher chance of being accepted.

  • Your email should be concise and meaningful so that it can be read in a reasonable time. This goes also when using a web application form, follow the application instructions carefully. Do not send very long emails without tribute, any lengthy "fantasy" emails are labor. I will ignore them without tribute.

  • You may ask about the tribute to confirm, but NEVER in any case try to inquire about a lower tribute. Have in mind that specific activities or scenes requiring intricate planning or the involvement of other players may have a premium. You can also ask what My preference is when and how you can hand over the tribute.

  • Do not ask to describe what I will do to you in a session. In this case, I might assume that you want to masturbate at my expense and not respond to you/blacklist you. The initial contact is exclusively designed to get in touch for the first time and to agree upon a date for both the vetting/consultation and session. The Initial email/message is not a place to exchange fantasies/ideas.

The Session Agreement

  • Only make an agreement for a session, if you are ready for the session and if you feel that you will have a good session. Otherwise, do not contact Me.

  • I require call confirmation the morning of the session, if your session is early am, call me 3 hrs in advance. I will give you my # when the session is confirmed & deposit is sent. Make sure you make this confirmation in time or I will consider this a cancellation of the session.

  • If some preparations for the session are necessary don't call/message me and ask how things are progressing, if not agreed otherwise. It’s a good rule of thumb to use clip sites for casual engagement.

  • If you have confirmed the session but have a change of mind or you are prevented for any reason, cancel the session immediately and of course as soon as possible. Failure to show up for a confirmed session will leave you blacklisted from ever visiting Me again and I will also pass your details on to other pro-Dommes. Be mindful of the preparation it takes to get ready for a session, so be respectful.

  • For regular submissives (including submissives with proper references), I require 50% of your tribute to book your date/time. For new submissives, I will ask for the full tribute to book the session UNLESS you have proper references. If this is not received, your session will not be scheduled.

  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • Should you cancel your session after you have paid your deposit you have a couple of options. If you cancel your session with at least a week’s notice, I will carry your deposit to your rescheduled session. If you cancel and do not follow up with a rescheduling date/time within 24 hours of canceling, I keep the full amount and do not apply any of it to future sessions. Due to high demand, if you cancel with less than 72 hrs' notice I will not apply it to a rescheduled session.

The Day of your Session

  • Be clean (body and mouth) and in a healthy state when you visit me, i.e. shower beforehand and if necessary change clothes prior to the visit. You will be sent home if there is excessive body odor.

  • Do not drink or do drugs before your session. I will not accept clients that are under the influence. You will be sent home.

  • Be on time, i.e. don’t be too early (5 minis okay) or late. If you are late without notice, it comes out of your session time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your session will be canceled. Take into consideration that it may that the drive will last longer during rush hours.

  • If you are early, drive around or grab me a coffee ;) The dungeon is located in a neighborhood and do not want to draw attention to a mystery car waiting outside of the space. Never show up early without my explicit permission.

  • Be respectful all the time.

  • For first-timers, each session begins with negotiation/alignment and ends with aftercare. I always spend 10-15 minutes before the session to reiterate house-safe words, hard limits, and session desires. I also take this time to give new clients a chance to see the space and myself for the first time. The adrenalin of a new Goddess is exhilarating, but anxiety can ruin a session. It's important that my clients feel confident to use safe words and

  • express hard limits.

  • Study the safe words. Yellow, Orange, Red: Yellow- I've had too much with the activity, but I am okay to continue with the scene. Orange-I have had too much of the scene but I am okay and just need a cool down. Red-The scene stops immediately because something is wrong (body/mind/spirit). I've never brought a submissive to purple, however, it's important to be able to communicate during a scene. Non-verbal safe words should also be studied. Peace sign (two fingers up)-this is the equivalent of yellow. The walking peace sign- (the two fingers moving back and forth) is equivalent to orange. Purple and I will check in immediately-- by double tapping My leg. This is important for breath play or face sitting. It signifies that you are at your limit with breath play and need a break.

  • During the time before your session, avoid presenting Me with a detailed script of your likes/desires for the scene (the fetish form is for that). Trust that I have the skills to fulfill your desires with the information we discussed. It is also much more interesting for you if you don't know exactly what is coming next.

  • Respect My limits at all times. It is bad manners to ask Me to engage in a practice I've told you I don’t do. My hard limits are non-negotiable. In this case, immediate dismissal is most likely and fully justified. NEVER negotiate the tribute. My tribute is set in stone.

  • You may ask what gifts I like. Although gifts are not mandatory they are always a sign of your esteem. I do prioritize submissives that give.

  • Tips during your session are encouraged and highly appreciated. Again, I prioritize submissives that give. If you decide to bring a tip for your session, seal it in an envelope that states, "Devoted, Sub [your name]".

  • Give Me honest/respectful feedback on the session after 24/hrs, I require you to check in with Me. Please note for new subs, aftercare is directly after the scene, and check-in is 24 hrs later.

In Between Sessions / After Sessions

  • Respect My private life; never ever ask or seek My personal information.
    If you see Me at a vanilla location and/or event do not approach Me. Respect and protect My privacy. Do not make unnecessary, superfluous calls/emails, etc. My time is limited.

  • If you have been given an assignment or task for the next session, then carry it out as instructed. If you are unable to do so, inform Me as early as possible. Ghosting/non-responsive submissives usually aren't given a second chance or asked to return to the Dungeon.

Desire to be My Slave

  • For patronage inquiries, please fill out My application (fetish form) and specify your interest. This is a fully immersive experience that requires a 4-month minimum and or an ongoing arrangement.

  • I do not offer non-paid personal relationships, if you have other skills you'd like to offer additionally, state that in the fetish form.

Ready to serve? Apply here.

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