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Top 10 tips for caring for your lash treatments!

As a fetish esthetician, I am always thinking of aftercare! It's an intricate part of My art practice within BDSM & esthetics. As many of you know, I've been fusing my two loves together and crafting unique services that support My Grown & SXXI folks! I am the esthetician for YOU.

Each service is vanilla meaning not kinky. You are able to indulge in a fetish add-on with a service if you choose. The lash duo is excellent for eyelash extension lovers and/or those that enjoy a good whipping or corporal punishment.

The lash duo falls under SXXI SIGNATURES. If you want lash extensions only book under SXXI LASHES.

These tips are essential, babe. I want to be sure you're getting the best out of your service! Your aftercare is what's going to maintain the integrity of any service. As well as keep things looking SXXI until you come in for your next service.

  1. No steam or extreme heat

  2. No oils or heavy makeup

  3. Do not rub your eyes

  4. Do not sleep on your face (sleep on your side)

  5. Clean lashes daily to avoid product build-up

  6. Do not pick or pull eyelashes

  7. Use oil-free product to clean lashes

  8. Use the SXXI aftercare kit for lash extensions

  9. Do not do any body exfoliation for 72 hours

  10. Bathe regularly, make sure products don't have acids in them

  11. Bonus Tip: use SXXI Body Balm for the health of your acid mantle and to maintain supple skin.

What is your favorite tip!?

Can't wait to connect with you! Keep it Grown & SXXI!

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