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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

For potential new or seasoned subs who think they've got what is takes. This is for you. I am a compassionate Domme but I am strict, you have to earn access to me. Listen the first time.

Research. Respect. Repeat.

Did you take the time to read my website? Majority of the answers to your questions can be found there. If you're wondering what I offer and what my rates are you can click "meow" on my website. If after reading my site and you still have questions, email me directly. If you ask questions that can be found on my website, I will direct you there. Respect goes both ways, it makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us.

Booking A Session

Be deposit ready. I require a deposit for first time sessions, especially. This is to ensure my time is valued and you're serious about your journey as a submissive. If other Dommes in your past have abused receiving a deposit, that's unfortunate and unacceptable. However, that does not excuse you from paying a deposit with me.

If you need a character reference please click the review tab on my site and read experiences from other subs that have been through the same process. Integrity is the cornerstone of my work. Deposits are nonrefundable so be sure to show up; I understand that life happens and can be flexible within reason.

Screening: All subs will go through a screening process, click here for more details.

Etiquette: 1). Be respectful, you can only refer to me as Goddess or Goddess KoCo only.

DO NOT refer to me as your "love", "baby", "beautiful", "hun", none of that. Your communications/inquiries will be ignored. Come correct or don't come at all. 2). Pricing is non-negotiable. 3). In-calls only. Out-calls are reserved for established subs and FMTY.

COVID: You must have a recent covid test, be vaccinated, or wear a mask.


-Excuses. Need I say more?

-Neediness that your bank account can't keep up with. This is my time and occupation, respect it. If you want my attention you'll need to pay for it. Sextpanther is a great option if you'd like casual engagement from Goddess.

-Information that isn't aligned with me doing my job. I appreciate transparency and personal matters shouldn't be shared without me consenting. Emotional labor is a real thing.

Ready Set GO!

Feel free to call or email me to lock down a time and date when you're ready. Virtual seasons available.

See you soon,

Goddess 🐾

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