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Sexual Healing & BDSM

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I'm a sexual healer, first and foremost. Everything I participate in is rooted in my pleasure activism. Dealing with root and sacral energy isn't always pleasant. As a Pro Domme and Fetish Aesthetician I deal with the unspoken, traumatized, seeking, curious, playful, repressed, feared, and so much more. As a sex-positive cultural worker, I wear many hats to tap into the multiplicity of sexuality and embodied wisdom. I am a facilitator of sexual energy to reimagine it's healing properties within connection & cummunty.


Sexual energy takes many forms. It shifts and can be as light-hearted as we allow it to be. That happens when we prioritize the autonomy of ourselves and others. I do not pretend to have all the answers, I'm nobody's guru. I'm a person who has healed myself and continues to. I share my journey and practices as a way to show you a possibility. These teachings are options to add to your tool kit. To guide you to your higher self from my lived experience. I've come to accept darkness or deviance as a fruitful source of energy when used with intention and intersectional mindfulness. Any source of power/energy can be harmful if misused. Consent is an ongoing and progressive process that's interpersonal and meditative. Boundaries are a manifestation of meditating on consent consciously or subconsciously. Our needs and desires shift and fluctuate with experience. Honor the flow and embody your truth.

Reflect on your needs

Grounded in your highest good:

  • What trauma informs them?

  • What healing informs them?

  • Create daily rituals that remind you of your capacity for self-love

One-on-one Virtual Coaching

Love to #digdeeper? Good news!

You can book coaching sessions with me (#coachingwithkoco #pleasure #self) throughout your sex-positive journey to give you tools that can be implemented at your own pace. For couples or people wanting support on accessing their sexual energy. Wherever you're at in your journey, I have a program to help you level up!

I often use BDSM as a tool to move sexual energy within the physical and energy body. There's so much healing we can access from modalities derived from BDSM & Kink.

Goddess 🐾

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