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Yoni/Throat connection. Whew! Talking is really a turn on for me, I love a good conversation. Words of affirmation. Dirty Talk. I enjoy it consciously. Yogi and Sacred Sexuality Coach Brandon Atum mentioned on his IG post @yogi.brandon "when a woman heals her truth, she heals her womb and her life around her."

This has been true for Me. In My Domme practice I am very intentional about the safety of My interactions. The way I do this is through auditing Myself. Processing and talking through My experience. Being sure I'm staying aligned and growing My erotic intelligence. We all know talk therapy. I hold space for the parts of Me that desire external and internal processing. Podcasting is cathartic and liberating for Me.

As My personal podcast is emerging again, It's always nice to join other aligned people who enjoy radical dialogue. I believe dialogical education is a key component to a more equitable society.

Here are some podcasts I've been on more recently!

Sluts & Scholars I chat it up about My practice as a Fetish Esthetician, somatic healing, and beauty as ritual and reclaiming our embodied wisdom. Join My Patreon and you can see the video version.

Dirty Divine I chat with the host Divine Rae about kink, fetish within esthetics, My signature services and more.

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