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Fetish Esthetics

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

An esthetic practice that caters to hedonists, kinksters, and beauty enthusiasts by honoring esthetic treatments and infusing them with BDSM & kink modalities. It's my signature as a Pro Domme. Beauty knows no gender and I affirm all types of people and their gender expressions and pronouns.

What is seeing a Fetish Esthetician like?

You can expect someone who is trauma informed and a provider who values the spectrum of identity.

My gifts, training, and sensibility extends to the types of services I offer. Anything from sissification services for cishet men who enjoy cross-dressing and gender play, caring for trans or enby folk who want a provider who understands the nuance of experience and honors pronouns, to the skincare needs of everyday beauty enthusiasts.

I'v been in the beauty industry since I was 18. Working odd jobs as receptionist, I learned about Estheticians at Michael Anthony Salons Chicago 9 years ago. Having an eclectic experience in corporate I didn't see a lot of variety to support different types of people like me. As a queer person, I felt compelled to blend in. Things were uncomfortably binary and transphobic and made me disassociate often. I took a break to explore a degree in International Studies where I focused on Race, Right, Gender, & Activism. Long story short, after exploring the field of sexuality, doing work with sex KiKi, and other aligned organizations. I've come to understand that beauty is deeply rooted in how people experience their sexuality and life in general.

Something that has been commercialized like makeup, style, hair etc often leaves out the mind, body, and spirit within the beauty experience. Therefore, I decided to fuse my professional experiences and self identify as a Fetish Aesthetician. This enables me to no longer compartmentalize myself, or my work as a healer. I now can dig deep and adorn the people I support authentically and more importantly enthusiastically. My gifts, training, and sensibility extends to the types of services I offer. Anything from sissification services for cishet men who enjoy cross-dressing and gender play, caring for trans or enby folk who want a provider who understands their nuance and honors pronouns. To the skincare needs of everyday beauty enthusiasts.

For kinksters, this looks like being gagged while getting a Brazilian wax, the possibilities are endless! The point, to affirm the ways people embody their beauty, bodies, and sensuality. As a Fetish Aesthetician BDSM is apart of my body treatment offerings. The average beauty professional is not equipped to support various types of beauty expressions and understanding how that influences a persons' life beyond heteronormativity. I am a provider for outcasts, eclectics, queer folk, and people that want to embody their whole selves.

The term Aesthetician is often correlated with medical aesthetics. I use it as defined:


  1. a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. -the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste.

This means, I am a sex-positive, sensually-informed specialist that utilizes BDSM within my treatments to heal the body and I honor the stories that live on the skin. It's important to me that I provide a space for people who are often left out the beauty industry. No longer hiding parts of ourselves to get grooming needs met. Or deal with micro/macro aggressions verbally, energetically, or physically.

Grooming is a term that I'm reclaiming, lots of us know it in the context of abuse. I reclaim it as a survivor and as healing artist as follows:

  1. The things that people do to keep themselves cleansed and make their face, hair, and skin look nice.


Your integumentary system works on a 28 day cycle. Exfoliation is key to new and youthful looking skin. Don't forget to dry brush, or use any form of exfoliate you have access to.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide if you'd like to use a dry brush (great before showering), body scrub, or loofah gloves (these are easiest without getting into chemicals etc).

  2. In small circles from the outer most part of your body part towards your heart rhythmically brush at your own pace, add pressure as needed. If you're doing your arm start at your fingers and move up; legs start at toes. Reach the back of your body if you can or get help from a lover.

  3. If using a scrub or loofah make sure the skin is damp

  4. make sure the whole body has been scrubbed and rinse with warm water (if using a dry brush shower as you'd normally).

  5. Use a carrier or body oil when your skin is still damp not soaked to seal in moisture from your shower.

Benefits: better circulation, get rid of dead skin, better cell turn over rate, maintains acid mantle, better product absorption.

Goddess 🐾

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