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Don't Project Your Nudes

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The honest truth is attraction is not consent. And without consent you'll definitely miss your opportunity. Unsolicited nudes are harmful; the exception is following adult content creators. You know what type of media you're going to get . In a casual scenarios, they infringe upon boundaries. Unless explicitly stated that a persons DM's are open for that type of encounter, it's safe to say you shouldn't be sending them unless you ask AND you're met with an enthusiastic yes. And that yes should be accompanied with a tribute for time/energy, and participation. Even if...especially if that person is a sex worker. No dick ratings for free, bud-o.

It's annoying, some men are actually out here trying to get free dick ratings. I've had potentials inquiring about a session and then BAM there goes their dick. Issa no for me bro. Some have even said, " I thought it would excite you." How is seeing a little ass dick exciting? Hell, even a big one without warning is off putting. I'm not a size queen— I'm a consent queen and it's the new sexy!

Yes, It really has to be said because a lot of people on the internet are so consumed by their own desires they can't fathom there is actually a such thing as sexual etiquette and it involves consent on and off the internet.

Even in established relationships, it's important to get understanding around sending nudes. Just imagine dating someone and you've been going through a rough patch in your connection, then randomly that person sent you a nude. Without any type of reconciliation. That is still equally harmful behavior. Implied consent is apart of established connections and not to be taken advantage of. Check-in's are essential to developing long lasting connections. Check-in about a persons consent needs on and off the innanets.

Goddess 🐾

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