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A Reading List for Kinksters

I enjoy the relationship between practice and study. It has taken time over the years to find a flow where I am thriving in theory and practice. I have witnessed many people thrive in theory and be paralyzed by practice; they are dance partners never forget that.

Theory/text I explore with the mindset of perspective and possibilities I wouldn't prior be exposed to, to enhance my embodiment toolkit. Theory is a conduit for self actualization, accountability, and tactile discovery. Certainly, not everything I read I resonate with, some text I even think is absolute trash sometimes. Usually in cases that leave out intersectional mindfulness.

Institutional learning use to have me thinking I didn't like to read, then I realized I needed to focus on areas of knowledge that were important to me creatively and fostered my healing holistically.

Reading helped me to stop trying to perfect healing and enjoy the ebb, flow, stagnancy (the pressure we place on ourselves to be healed or over something), and revelations that come with embodied no's and a complex yes.

I like to escape between pages that support the complexity of my experience, since as a queer Black neuro-expansive femme being complex has been a spiritual right that American culture TRIED to take from Me. Fortunately for Me, I am alchemy personified. Unapologetic, capable, fierce, and savory. Reading has also been the conduit that actualized My bravery and My stillness.

I hope the journey of knowledge and cultivating your wisdom brings you closer to fullness and your innate pleasure potential. Here are some that I've enjoyed. If it's in italic then it's on My list to read and I haven't yet.

1) Audre Lorde- Uses of Erotic: The Erotic as Power

2) Sensuous Sadie- Spiritual Transformation through BDSM

3) Angela Chen- ACE: What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Soceity, and the Meaning of


4) Barbara Carrellas- Urban Tantra

5) Edited by Diana Ramey & Leslie M Harris- Sexuality & Slavery

6) Sarah Schulman- Conflict is not Abuse

7) Oyeronke Oyewumi- The invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourse

8) Edited by Jeffrey Escoffier/Forward by Erica Jong- Sexual Revolution

9) Nancy Qualls-Corbett- The Sacred Prostitute

10) Raven Kaldera- Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM & The Ordeal Path

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