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Chicago FemDom | North Carolina Dominatrix | Raleigh Dominatrix



Black. Erotic. Sovereign.

I explore the erotic and its modalities as a spiritualist and healer, I believe freedom is closely linked to society and the ways we explore or ignore our collective erotic consciousness. My practice is based on the liberation and intimate connections that bloom out of scenes, creative expression, sensation with care, and the art of BDSM. I specialize in sensual domination and the creator of fetish esthetics. I'm a hedonistic Domina that enjoys dominance that mind fucks effortlessly and alluring, to challenge normative perceptions of power. Wielding the type of power  that doesn't require exaggerated aggressive force. B.E.S. is about cultivating collective power and alliances through pleasure and movement building. Goddess was gifted to Me, a title I encountered from many people as I circumnavigated the globe. My essence is of ancient wisdom and stature, suitors that approach Me know patience and coherent courtship is the only way to get attention. Any sign of entitlement and immaturity will get you ignored.

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I practice RACK (risk-aware consensual kink), safe words are mandatory and essential for us both. Click the sub-rules and etiquette form for in-depth details below.

BDSM is a mindful practice and offers an endless portal into our erotic interests. The spectrum of that truth is celebrated and honored. This art form is about consent and negotiation. Boundaries will be respected.



(1) name and phone number (2) Your experiences in the lifestyle and people who can vouch for your character (3) fetish form

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Firstly, be respectful, you can only refer to me as Goddess or Goddess KoCo.

DO NOT refer to me as your "love", "baby", "beautiful", "hun", none of that. Your communications/inquiries will be ignored. Second, pricing is not negotiable. If you'd like to invest into My BDSM collection, email Me.  Lastly, I offer in-calls only.



You must have a recent covid test, show proof of vaccination, &/or wear a mask

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-Excuses. Need I say more?

-Neediness that your bank account can't keep up with. This is My time and occupation, respect it. If you want My attention you'll need to pay for it. Clip sites are great for casual engagement 

-Information that isn't aligned with Me doing My job. I appreciate transparency and personal matters shouldn't be shared without Me consenting. Emotional labor is a real.


Ready Set Purr!

Virtual seasons available for submissives interested in distant training.

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