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Pleasure, a Revolutionary Journey.

North Carolina Dominatrix- Raleigh Dominatrix | Chicago FemDom | FemDom NC

Goddess KoCo is a sexuality professional, cultural worker, pleasure activist, pro lifestyle dominatrix, fetish esthetician, and an erotic-vibrational healer. As a revolutionary within the sexual freedom movement, Goddess KoCo has circumnavigated the globe facilitating community conversations & delivering keynotes on sexuality and pleasure. Goddess KoCo acts as an advocacy coordinator, working towards full decriminalization of the sex trade via outreach, grassroots organizing, and coalition building. Goddess KoCo is a sensual domina that effortlessly mind-fucks and loves to “play with Her prey.”


Never Approach a Goddess without an Offering.

Aspiring subs, the only way to gain My attention is by sending an offering.

Show Me you are ready to devote and serve. 

Black FemDom Goddess- Raleigh Dominatrix | Chicago FemDom


Chicago FemDom- NC Dominatrix _ FemDom Chicago
Black Domme- NC Dominatrix _ Raleigh Dominatrix
Black Domme- NC Dominatrix _ Raleigh Dominatrix
Chicago FemDom- NC Dominatrix _ FemDom Chicago

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